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I fully agree with Mrs Beanbag on this point. A new Amiga would be something small. One of Commodores little idioms was to deliver the power of a home personal computer in a very small package, like C64 vs big box PC, or A500 Vs Apple Macintosh. Thats why they bothered with the A600 and CD32 - same stuff, only smaller.

Having spoken to Dave Haynie about this some time ago, I feel a new Amiga would be a module much like the Pi, to which 3rd partys could add peripherals and little bits to expand it. There is no point having ports for stuff people will never use, like serial, IDE, floppy, VGA etc. The unit would come with one SATA3 and its up to the users to buy a 6 port adpater if they want mice and keyboards etc. Same for audio. There would be pinouts for audio but if a user wants a Korg or Paula or Sid chip then they must buy the appropriate add-on to make it that way.

At the moment, computer designs are almost always boxey and square, or flat like an ipad. With such a small design it would be possible to make rounder shapes, like casting it inside a rubber ball which you could kick around, or designed like a wallet or purse, or as a cussion.
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