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Have tried Raine but my machine doesn't like it! A lot of games don't run with sound or at all! A lot of the shmups that were only working on Raine are starting to work on mame as well.

About the the time of the trend floods, I was starting to lose interest in my Amiga and went on to consoles. Namely the Megadrive! Largely due to the quality shmups and platformers! So I have to admit that my knowledge of Amiga games after about 1992 is a bit limited - much to my dettriment!

To reiterate I have never said the Amiga had too many shmups! I was just saying that the Amiga didn't have that many original games and when I mean original I mean totally original - I still believe the 8-bit arcade and home computer era had the most inovation in game design coz you had no fancy graphics or sound chips helping out!
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