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No need to mess with UAE code.Just creating a dll on the windows side that parses the html and sends the data to an emulated proxy on the amiga side would do the trick.
But I guess the details and problems attached to that matter are far beyond my understanding.
The solution you suggested seems doable but emulating a whole PC on a PC to feed an ancient Amiga Browser in an emulator on the very same PC with proper information is a bit too over the top even for me.
On the other hand I did the same thing to have Firefox in RDesktop on the emulated Amiga since XP had some strange restrictions I don't remember and it did not work anymore like before on 2000.
BTW: Workbench in P96 and set to the same as windows resolution + full window in emu settings + Allways on top checked + firefox open on win side redered this redundant.
Just press alt-tab and firefox is on the workbench.

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