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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Well a feature like that could at least allow me (or anyone else who doesn't have a tablet) to check other programs like OpalPaint to see if they seem to be working.
Yes but no one knows if the problem is in "tablet emulation" or tablet.library emulation. Waste of debugging time.

I could put together an HDF with OpalPaint and ImageFX 2.0 if you're too lazy to...
Much better option

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Some more info on what happens when tablet.library is opened.

The OpenTablet() function (offset -$1E) sends a command to the AccuPoint driver. [I hope to eventually get around to documenting the various commands which the driver understands.]

That command acts on the passed TagList like this:
- All unrecognised tag values (anything other than TABLETA_Pressure and TABLETA_Proximity for the Wacom driver) are replaced with 1. Yes that seems a bit strange!
- If pressure is not enabled, the TABLETA_Pressure tag value is replaced with 1. (At least, the driver checks some flag/variable and only overwrites TABLETA_Pressure with 1 if that variable is 0. So I assume the variable is whether pressure reporting is enabled or supported.)
- The tag data field for TABLETA_Inproximity is cleared.
Technically it isn't that weird, 1 = TAG_IGNORE.

Range of pressure value is the biggest missing piece.
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