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Some more info on what happens when tablet.library is opened.

The OpenTablet() function (offset -$1E) sends a command to the AccuPoint driver. [I hope to eventually get around to documenting the various commands which the driver understands.]

That command acts on the passed TagList like this:
- All unrecognised tag values (anything other than TABLETA_Pressure and TABLETA_Proximity for the Wacom driver) are replaced with 1. Yes that seems a bit strange!
- If pressure is not enabled, the TABLETA_Pressure tag value is replaced with 1. (At least, the driver checks some flag/variable and only overwrites TABLETA_Pressure with 1 if that variable is 0. So I assume the variable is whether pressure reporting is enabled or supported.)
- The tag data field for TABLETA_Inproximity is cleared.

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