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Re: As I said

Originally posted by IanCharge
Console's suck, I am completely bored with all consoles (Apart from the Atari 2600, Combat rulez), the powerful machines of today are only intended to improve Graphics and Sound not gameplay. Has any game managed to beat the sheer playablity of Mario 64 , I think not (Well maybe Mario Tennis, but it's still on the N64) and that game was released something like 6 or 7 years ago.

Improvement's in gameplay will only happen if the Miyamoto (Maybe not spelt right but hopefully you know who I mean) genius strikes gold again. All innovations in gaming today IMO have come from that softly spoken gaming god. Apparently even he is running out of ideas.

though I would not consider Miyamoto to be the end-all games guru, I completely agree with what you said. However Im not bored with consoles, except those which are 'next gen', and the Dreamcast. I quite like the DC.

My Gameboy Advance is the king of today, though
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