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Hi JayEff,
I assume you are trying to setup a CF/Drive in WinUAE? If so a while ago I had the same problem. I thought I solved it by simply using an earlier version of WinUAE (I used version 2.3).

Recently I had to start using DiskPart to clean some CF cards again, but I didn't have the same problem even with the most recent version of WinUAE installed when setting up the cards as Amiga drives, however all of the sudden I had the problem again! What I figured out, was if I had another type of removable memory plugged into my system at the same time, Windows refused to allow writing to the bootblock via WinUAE. Removed any cards or USB sticks and the latest version of WinUAE, run as Admin, now no problem with setting up the drives.

Hope that helps
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