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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Route the DS0 signal via the switch either to the gotek or the physical drive.
Hey, it works...

I booted my Amiga 1000 off of the internal floppy for his kickstart, when I got the 1.3 "Insert Disk" image, I flipped the switch which sends DS0 to the Gotek, and the GOTEK is active...
(003 is Menace, whose music I hear in the background as I type.. )

I don't plan on doing a lot of swapping while the machine is running (especially when the firmware supports a Kickstark image), but it will be nice to be able to use the GOTEK OR the internal floppy...


p.s. No, that is not my "FINAL" wiring job.. ;-) That's just QnD.
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