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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
Does that mean 100% CPU usage for the Zeus?
I don't know the inner workings of that benchmark, but someone here wanted to see it. The Zeus does all access of the IDE through the FPGA; if the CPU itself is busy then due to other things, e.g. the benchmark itself.

Either way, this core pushes the limits. I also don't know what the system would to with 6MB/sec in the real world... I mean, this is a classic machine, where 6MB is the size of six complete games or similar.

Originally Posted by Omolungo View Post
The cable connected to the Zeus is the swicth for 7/50 Mhz optionor does it have other purpose?

In order to use Zeus in CDTV the capacitor close to the cpu has to be removed or does it fit under Zeus? I see a capacitor of A500 under Zeus in your pics
Turbo mode, Lvl 7 (NMI) interrupt, LEDs and stuff. One thing I won't reveal yet and a few cables to access signals not present on CPU socket.

The one big capacitor on this A500 has been laid down to avoid any issues. You might need to do the same in your Amiga, or use another CPU socket as a riser.

It's just minor fiddling with the Amiga, but you might want to have used a soldering iron before.
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