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Big grin Re: What game would you like to se as a movie? (I'll make them)

Originally posted by Ironclaw
If you have seen my page, you've noticed that I make game parodies.

What game would you like to see a game parody off?

You may choose one game (only amiga).

If you have a good story or something, please type it down.

I don't bother to make a voting game list, but the game that has the most votes will win.

Personally, I would like to make a Moonstone parody, but don't have a good story....... What I thaught was:

A knight walks around on the map and heads towards a city where he will start to gamble. He will after a while lose all his money and get really pissed off. He goes out and kills who ever he meets on the way...... ehhh....... jupp.

Ghosts'n Goblins with and without armour.
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