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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Ok tried the updated file and nexus 7 still crashed at launch with unrecoverable H1 + output window.

It looks like the problem is still related to 'more compatible' + JIT.
I've found that if I simply load my config to workbench, open gui, disable JIT, close gui = H1 crash + output window.
I'll attach screen & log of this exact event.

If I first disable 'more compatible' I get no problems at all.
I still can't duplicate it. Please "minimize" your config (no fullscreen, no vsync, disable all unneeded expansions, uaescsi, bsdsocket etc..) first, make sure it still crashes, and attach the config file.

Does it happen with 020 and 040 CPUs too?

Does it still happen if you boot from WB disk? (with harddisks removed)
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