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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
The game works better now (Joystick, colors). I noticed somtimes if I land the ship it stays some pixel under the ground instead of on the ground. Maybe the original game behaves the same.

For my the gravity is much to low for fun playing. The amiga gravity style games are much better playable IMHO. At last Oids as a native 68k game would beat the atari version.
Oids works well just as it is. It's fine to prefer a faster gravity based experience and Amiga has the best examples there but Oids works very well because of how it does things- it's quite the layered experience actually when you start mastering certain techniques and is something only truly revealed from more playing. It's great news to finally see it on Amiga

Iv'e often thought what a ground up version of Oids would be like on Amiga but when you realise just how much is thrown about at times, would the Amiga manage this so much better? Stuff is more individually tracked in Oids so that's fairly taxing regardless of how much better Amiga's hardware is. It would be interesting to hear people's expert opinion on this actually
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