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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Looks like you were planning to add extra functionality beyond SRAM
We can't comment on that for now . There's a chance for more advanced version in the future, but I don't want to talk about this now because people might not want to buy the current version (Amiga community always likes to wait for something). And the future version probably won't happen if the current version won't sell . So lets save this talk for the time after first batch was sold out.

It doesn't offer value for money though.
ACA620 (...) for 99 Eurodollars.
Well, our card will hopefully be half this price. We won't be making a fortune here anyway, 50 EUR barely covers the cost of components and production.

It will work with Kippers 4mb Ram for sure and possibly the 8mb version jumpered to 5.5mb
Yes, it should work as long as there's not more than 4MB autoconfiguring Fast RAM on the CPU.

24-bit address space is the limiting factor here. 0x600000 to 0x9FFFFF is used by both PCMCIA and some Fast RAM expansions / accelerators. Of course this causes problems. For example one could use our SRAM card with ACA620, but only after disabling 4MB of Fast on it (not much point in doing so). With ACA630 there's no such problem, as ACA630 has 68030, so full 32-bit address space (so our card can work just fine, even though ACA630 already has 32MB or 64MB ).

Certainly our SRAM card offers best value for owners of bare unexpanded A600 and A1200 (or expanded with just 4MB internal expansion).
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