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Also, they are pricey as hell today. Getting the price down a bit would be nice.
I'd love to keep the price at 50 EUR, but a lot depends on the amount of interested people.

Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
PCMCIA RAM in an A1200 is a bad idea as it actually slows the system down.
Recently some tests were made on PPA forum that proved this not to be true. Even 16-bit PCMCIA SRAM card does NOT slow the system down (compared to unexpanded A1200) as long as the card is 100ns or faster.

The main problem with classic PCMCIA cards is their lenght. They are just too long and so vulnerable for using in shallow Amiga PCMCIA slots. Would it be possible to build short version, that would look out from the side of the A600 / 1200 for some 1cm only instead that full-lenght and thus unpractical PC cards?
Not sure yet, so far we only have the prototype which is actually a bit bigger. But the final production card won't have all the debugging pins and could have much tighter design. We'll remember about that, as many people wish to have a smaller card.
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