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New version online !
(same link as before)

Colors problem fixed. You'll now see very different, but original (i think !) colors. It came from the fact the game used the vdi (gem) to fill these, and this, of course, does not use hardware index but something else !

Input handling is fixed too. Right shift was incorrectly mapped, pause was broken, joystick button didn't work, etc.

Originally Posted by phx View Post
- Problem with keyboard handling in the game. I use cursor up for thrust, left for turn left, right for turn right. When pressing those keys fast or at the same time they get stuck (ship keeps turning, for example).
Could not reproduce. It may be the keyboard which is unable to properly handle some key combinations (some are known to do that). What kind of keyboard do you use ? Does it still happen if you use other keys ?

Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
meynaf: I have a good set of 5 or so full levels that I'd like to see on here- all in their own galaxy. Shall I zone the st disk for you to look at?. They're quite distinct I think
Not the st disk if possible, but the .OID files that are on it.
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