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Originally Posted by Total Eclipse View Post
I've been giving some more thought to the possibility of whether two drives can work on the same cable in an A1200. A search of the forums brings up some earlier posts that suggest that the only way to do this is to tap into the external floppy port for DF1 because the internal floppy header can only support one drive. However the Rasperry Pi floppy emulator can now emulate 4 drives. How's that possible?
The internal cable has 2 signal for df0: and df1:, the other 2 signals from df2: and df3: need another 2-wire cable connected to the cia pins..

Note that manage 1 drive and manage 2 (or more drives) is really a big improvement, because you need double buffer ram and because you have to manage lines like DISKCHNG or DSKREADY or others only if the related SEL line (df0, df1, ...) is active... if you add also a write support the things are going much hard.
Raspberry PI can do that because is 800Mhz cpu and 256-512Mb of ram...
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