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Hey that's for the reply, it's much appreciated.

I couldn't do anything with the gameports remapping as the re-remapping button is browned out and I couldn't get it working.

I had more luck on the Input Panel but it's still ropey so here's what I did, please feel free to correct me on any mistakes I made.

- On value 1 I have all my d-pad etc. selected to x & y axis

- Also on Value 1 I assigned button 4 as fire and also button 3 as fire.

- Then on Value 2 I also assigned button 3 as 'up'

EDIT: The trouble is that button 3 only seems to trigger both actions for a 'jump' when my character on screen is standing totally still. When I press the D-pad left or right and push the 'jump' button it just does a standard 'fire'

Any suggestions or corrections?

Thanks again!

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