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@andreas. Whilst its perfectly fine in what you said, it also works both ways too. All that I've observed in the past few days of trodas's presence has been continual insults,(hidden behind the guise of smileys), & attempts at flaming respected members of both the EAB,& respected members of the Amiga community.

For the vast majority of this period trodas has made almost virtually no attempt to accept when he's been in error, or indeed acknowledge so,(when clearly pointed out to him in his own postings). He has to be "right" at all costs, & insults anyone who doesn't agree with him.

Thus far, he seems to be fufilling Galahad's warning. I simply evaluate it this way, look at the calibre of people insulted,(WinuAE, CAPS, lontime sceners like Galahad etc.), not to mention the number of EAB members at each other's throats simply because of their reactions to the flamings of one individual. We do NOT want to see the calibre & quality of current & senior EAB members feel forced to leave all because of one person who makes everyone's else's experience visiting here an unpleasant, particulary if they're not contributing in a postive way.

Example-When yourself or Walker present bugs, you don't rant & rave, you both provide excellent detailed info, we all brainstorm,
eg:could it be PC specs,O/S, DirectX blah blah, which Tosec ADF/WHD version etc., & where errors are evident are hopefully all put on the eventual to do list. (Or likewise hunting down working fully working ADF's etc.).

Yes, there's nothing wrong with individuality,(& Fred! Come on back Fred, your Emu UK love affair will never measure up to EAB!), & your sentiments are worthwhile & admirable about how others could've/should've responded-but that doesn't endlessly excuse newbies from what's expected of them, or unacceptable behaviour, especially after they've been warned.

Just my two cents worth....
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