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Game port switches automatically/can't use joy2key with Winuae

After having some success with sing joy2key with Winape I can now happily play my Amstrad games with my SNES controller so I decided to give it a shot with Winuae but it just won't let me.

In joy2key I set out the d-pad controls to match the cursor keys then I assign a button for fire and then another button for up + fire together and that gives me a 'jump' button.

This works beautifully on my Amstrad emulator but it just won't take on Winuae. I have tried configuring the gamepad itself to Winuae's input but it won't let me assign two actions to one button at the same time but every time I set the game port to work with joy2key by using standard keyboard layout 2 (cursor keys, right ctr & alt=fire) it seems to auto detect my gamepad when I start to play and switches it back to the Gamepad 1 port setting.

Am I missing something? I've saved my configuration settings a million times with that keyboard layout port selected but when I touch the controller and go back to the port settings screen in it's always switched back to Gamepad 1.

Any help would be appreciated because it's driving me nuts and all want is a game of Golden Axe! :S
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