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Re: Re: Re: LOL! Its interesting, how some ppls can reverse things!

Originally posted by andreas
Sorry RCK, but I *DO* have to jump in here.

Even SuperMods do NOT have the right to blindly insult people. This means, that I agree to the point that Amigaboy actually overreacted, which wasn't necessary.
I'm ALWAYS fair, so I never favor or brown-nose anyone. That's like if I was a police officer, and I caught my colleague in the act of shooting down a defenseless type without a reason: guess what, I'd also depose AGAINST him in a court trial and not back him by lying through my teeth before the judge.--
Amigaboy, maybe you hate me too now: but THAT kind of reaction was avoidable, even for a "SuperMod".
This could have been done by sticking to facts a little more, and less emotionally.
Fucking Andreas
Man I hate him now. He's such a shit. Friggin hell. I wish he'd just shut up
When have I overreacted? ;P

Just kidding

I don't hate you andreas. I have no reason to. You're merely stating an observation, which you are more than entitled to
I don't hate trodas either, nor do I hate anyone else (actually, there is 1 person, but that person shall remain nameless in the off chance that they ever see this board/thread )

btw - I stand by what's been said by me in this thread. Some may not like it, but it's how I feel and I won't back down. Supermod or not, it makes no difference to me
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