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Originally Posted by Borg_Number_One View Post

While testing the different Arcadia ROMs: OnePlay and TenPlay I could hear nice background music / tunes in the:
"OnePlay System Configuration Menu" / "TenPlay System Configuration Menu" (pressing F2) --> "Game/Demo Volume ( 0-4)".

Here is a recording:

Which kind of module format is it inside OnePlay / TenPlay Arcadia ROMs?

Long time ago, I reached it anyhow??? to load an Action Replay ROM and then one of the Arcadia ROMs in WinUAE.
So I could open the Action Replay Menu while the OnePlay/TenPlay Arcadia ROM was playing its background music.
However, Action Replay could not also detect/rip the module format.

Well, I do not reach it anymore to load an Action Replay ROM and then an OnePlay/TenPlay Arcadia ROM in WinAE.
Can someone hep with example configuration / hints?
Custom module from One Play Control Program is available on the Wanted Team page.
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