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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
dpaint calls library and reads pressure value but it does not seem to do have any effect at all.

I tried very big values and small values (DPaint shifts pressure 15 bits to left before using the values), nothing changes on screen.
I don't have a tablet or the DPaint V manual so these are just guesses:
- Try with and without the translucency option checked.
- Try with the size option checked
- Try setting backing store to 24-bit RGB in the initial screen format requester. Maybe translucency requires that???

Have you checked whether OpalPaint (on Aminet) or ImageFX 2.0+ can work with tablet pressure?

By the way with WinuAE 2.7.1b12, after starting emulation I enabled tablet.library then clicked Reset, but DPaint couldn't open tablet.library. After exiting WinUAE, running it again this time enabling tablet.library before starting emulation, DPaint didn't report that error.
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