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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
So how is it going? Deep Core?
Retroplay is going to test but they load now in WinUAE

I also seem to be having issues converting some of my older STREAM files to CTR? Don't think I've tried these before but WinUAE says the disk is damaged and won't boot. Used DTC v2.20 and DTC v2.40 (both 32/64 bit with corresponding capsimg.dll) and same issue!

The ones created with Kryoflux FREE and disks dumped recently with the dump scripts all seem fine, so don't know why all these STREAMS I did mid 2012 won't convert? Looking at the header of the files they were dumped with KryoFlux DiskSystem, version=2.10n if that helps?

I've attached the first 5 tracks of Foundations Waste, which the converted disk gives the 'disk damaged' error in WinUAE, can they be checked to see if they've been dumped with wrong revolutions or whatever?
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