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X-bEnCh 0.94F is released on

This is the last public release before the big 1.x one. Massively bug freed this release bring some new cool things like an unlimited top and big speed improvements. This is the fastest X-bEnCh ever released with a new "Turbo Mode" feature. The "Debug Mode" is now finished and completed.


Complete release note:

This release include all the features of the internals 0.94a1/a2/a3. updated.

-Init Fader speeded (x2)
-Loading/Init sequence accelerated (up to 5 seconds faster).
-TurboMode implemented (0% check be carefull with this mode!).
-No more create a tempfile for the top. Updating the database instead.

-Big speed improvement. Now usable on a simple 68000/7Mhz.
-More stars on screen for 68000/68010 users. (+10%)
-Now you can leave X-bEnCh and the menu by pressing the "Esc" Key or the 2nd joy button.
-Text display optimised.
-Verbose Debugmode feature added.

-The Toplist is no more limited to 15 entry (unlimited).
-If you've more that 15 entry launched more that one time in the top, often any new entry was'nt added correctly to the toplist. Fixed.
-Now you can press F7 to jump to the Toplist.
-Now when using the TAB key to switch listing, the Toplist is included in the cycle (list1, list2, ..., list6, toplist, list1, ...)
-Fixed a bug that was making a guru if using tab key from the list6.
-No more use a tempfile for the top list. Now use a common database with other actual and future features. (less memory needed)
-Verbose Debugmode feature added.
-The listings are now looped and you can now go to the first entry by going down after the last one, and to the last one by going up on the first one. You can move to the last page of a listing by going to the left on the first page and move to the first one by going to the right on the last one.
-If you move left/right in a list you now go to the same line in the previous/next page (previously this was going to the first line).
-No more end on a black screen if a .slave have failed for any reason, now return back to the launcher.
-Showwhdloadreq updated. Now if set to "no", no whdload requester will be shown except if there his a "config:xxx" arg in the tooltypes. Perfect to speed up a bit the start of your games.
-No-whdload.key timer fix.
-Fix a bug that was crashing xbench if the first entry of a whdload list doesn't have a .info file with the same name that the .slave.
-Now display the full name of your slave if the .info and the .slave doesn't have the same name.
-Fixed a bug that was, in some rare case, duplicating some entry.
-Checkerboard loader shorted to sync the display (r1.3).
-Tooltype "DATA=xxxx" failure fixed.
-PinballPreludeAGA fail fixed.

-Path/name with space fail fix.
-MoveTo fixed. (Moved file was'nt deleted)
-If you use the same path in the left and right side the display is now correctly refreshed after deleting or moving a file.
-Rename was only working on the right side. Fixed.
-MakeDir button shape fix.
-MakeDir fix (Buttons Make/Cancel were inverted).
-Verbose Debugmode feature added.

-In some case when leaving xbench, screen was corrupted: fixed.
-Timing adjustment.

-Removed the "topupdate" command that was useless and ...
-Added the "dbupdate" command that is powerfully replacing the "topupdate".(remove useless entry, update future features entry, ...)
-Added the "whdlcheck" command that'll check and list all points of your whdload installation.
-"help" command updated for the "dbupdate", the "topupdate" and the "whdlcheck" cmd infos.
-Verbose Debugmode feature added.

-TurboMode switch added to the Setup/MySystem tab.
-Now add the complete name of the slave to the listing even if the .info hasn't the same name that the slave when scanning.
-Fixed a bug that was, in some rare case, duplicating some entry.
-Path to scan with space bug fixed in the Setup/Launchers.
-"Top15" switch renamed to "TopList" in the setup/launchers.
-"Show Whdload requester" can now be set to no without display issue.

-Exit fader speeded (x2)
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