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Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Hi Toni,
I tested the latest WinUAE release, v2.7.0, on my dear old Pentium IV HT 3GHz (I'll soon change it, but it's not the point).
My PC used to be fast enough to run WinUAE - A500 default config - at full CPU speed, even with "cycle exact" on.
I didn't test all your recent releases, but I noticed that in v.2.7.0 (with "cycle exact" on) I get 30..50% Amiga cpu speed instead of 100%.
This is strange because my P4 CPU is not struggling: CPU usage remains low, around 30..40%.
I wonder why the emulated Amiga doesn't get 100% speed CPU.

Sorry for being vague; let me know if you want logs etc.
Lets see, unfortunately this information is mostly useless.
These are minimum requirements:

- Last version that was "fast".
- Config file.
- Logs (from current and last "fast" one, both bootlog and normal log).
- Old Pentium IV's do suck but it probably has nothing to do with CPU.
- And finally, wrong thread too (will be moved later)
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