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Don't worry about it Andreas, i generally don't explain myself properly, and people take me or what I say the wrong way (entirely my fault most times), and it isn't confined to forums and net chat, I have the same problem in the real world

I know alot about the Amiga and the inner workings, but tend to keep quiet becaus I find it difficult explaining what I mean without ranting or saying exactly what I mean. Sometimes I do speak up, because the answer is obvious or it isn't too obvious and maybe I am the only person who knows.

It seems Trodas doesn't have a huge amount of Amiga knowledge (like others on here) and he takes things the WRONG WAY also, he replies in a negative manner, and then an argument is born everyone needs to chill out, and Trodas needs to accept that he doesn't know as much as he thinks, and listen to advice from more experienced users

anyway RANT OFF!

also a few WHD installs will split the imagefile into smaller parts, a couple of 1 disk games have a disk.1 and a disk.2, I cannot remember off the top of my head any such installs, but when I come across a couple I'll let you know

also some are packed, RNC, IMP!, CrM!(And varients) PP20, XPK etc.. while others have the bootblock removed, which I think would be a good idea in all WHD installs.
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