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Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
As the title says, i've just made another game port from the Atari ST.
Great! My favourite Atari game, finally on the Amiga!

But here it is. As i never played that one on the ST
I played it a lot over the last 20 years and it looks quite good for the first version.

Some issues I noticed:

- The title screen / menu / highscore list background is orange. In the original version I remember it was grey.
- The whole change key selection window is flashing red.
- You cannot assign the Ctrl/Alt/Shift key there.
- Menu item [CHANGE KEYS] remains grey after leaving the function.
- Problem with keyboard handling in the game. I use cursor up for thrust, left for turn left, right for turn right. When pressing those keys fast or at the same time they get stuck (ship keeps turning, for example).
- When playing with joystick the fire button doesn't work. I have to use right-shift instead?
- After pressing Q in the game the whole Y/N requester box is flashing red.

Will continue testing over the weekend.

I don't think i'll make any more game ports, at least for some time. I now prefer writing my own game from scratch.
I can only recommend that!
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