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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
Full ack. Maybe you want to add CT raw as input there?
Is that directed to me? Yes, I would like to add CT raw as input and output from my analyser. It isn't documented yet though, so I'm kinda waiting for the v5.0 sources for the IPF decoder.

Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
We would like to fingerprint all our own IPFs; older IPFs would get re-signed internally and for those out in the wild (e.g. "spread" by contributors) we would put up a new release of the library and add static signatures there.
How would this signature be used by the library? A flag to request to only open an SPS-signed IPF perhaps, or would that be (nooo!) the unconfigurable default?

That said I would be as happy outputting CT files now the decoder library accepts them. It's not the container file format that determines the image's goodness -- the analyser outputting it is responsible for that. You can have a known good CT file just as surely as you can have a bad (non-SPS of course ) IPF.
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