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Mi pov about this is that amiga os has a better basis than windows and if it was updated more often, it should still better than windows now and when i see the price of the amiga 1000, they should think to change the hardware behind the amigaos, but perhaps they know things we didn't and it's a little bit a dream that the amiga still have new hardware and software in 2014 even if everything won't go like we would. And i understand those who says that we should turn the page.But i can't forget what the amiga could have been today.I used the amigaos on a powerfull amiga4000 and it was a real pleasure, you felt under your fingers every mhz you had and i don't find this sensation with windows, don't forget the power we had under our fingers, it's normal that windows seems good now with ssd, ghz multi thread and impressive gfx card etc...

edited : before to think about to change the cpu of the amiga they should work on the support of flash, html 5 etc... the amigaos 4 still miss some must have featuresto be credible, if you go the x86 without some important features in the world of today, it's the end for them. If they think about to change the cpu and to be less underground they must first finish the amiga os's a little like if the amiga os still beta and i don't think they should change the cpu or make publicity about their work before everything is ready. No one of us know the final goal of hyperion and aeon perhaps they are making that for fun or perhaps they have a futur goal.

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