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Well, AIBB 6.5 is maybe not a good test case for measuring WinUAE speed between JIT-FPU ON/OFF.

It should be tested on some real application ...

I tried with ChaosPro (fractal generating and exploring program) from aminet and the speed in rendering with JIT-FPU ON/OFF is huge/drastic.

Pity that there is still no one interested to check/improve the current WinUAE JIT-FPU compatibility. (perhaps it looks to work fine with a real applications)

Dont know is there exist any other example (except of demos) where the current JIT-FPU enabled could produce a problem ?! (does anyone know)

Also, is there any example of what was improved with a new WinUAE 1.2 JIT-FPU version ?! (we now only know what is broken)


Pity also as it was working fine on WinUAE 1.1.1 with demos too ...

but was broken in the following versions including the current version ... and so passes 8-9 years and nothing new.


A good news ...

I could not manage to run ChaosPro with WinUAE 1.1.1 and 040 JIT-FPU settings enabled, but could in WinUAE 1.2 ...

thus there must exist lot of improvements in a new JIT-FPU version.

So, if only a demos has a problem with JIT-FPU enabled, forget the whole thing ... it is not worth a trouble ... just disable JIT-FPU and continue to run a demo.


A bad news ...

Tried again and now manage to run ChaosPro with WinUAE 1.1.1 and 040 JIT-FPU settings enabled ...

so, something seems to be really broken in a new JIT-FPU introduced in WinUAE 1.2 version ?! (and what that could be, unfortunately seems nobody interested)

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