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I had to diable the JIT FPU option in mayny demos even under 1.6.x and lower versions. Those demos are made for 50-80Mhz 060 CPU's so I guess they run into timing problems if you enable the JIT compiler and speed things up to a few GHz. With a 68020+68881 the FPU is emulated at an equivalent of 10 GHz for example.For demos you shoud allways diable at least FPU JIT.
The only modern demo that I am aware of that does not run wit JIT(cpu+fpu) enabled is Silkcut from The Black Lotus.I allways get a 'not enough memory' error in the snow landscape part.

The only software i ran into problems under WUAE1.7+ was one crashing Visualizaton for AmiNetRadio so far.
"Subspace" to name it. But that might be related to my specific WB setup.

BTW: In C4D I see a huge difference in speed when FPU isn't stet to compile just in time.
E.g. the C4D logo scene(slightly modified with real reflection insted of an env-map) needs 7-8 seconds with FPU-JIT and 11 seconds without FPU-JIT.
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