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WinUAE chip setting A1200 ECS Agnus or AGA

Note: I have posted this topic also in Lemon Amiga forum hoping that someone (either here or from there) will be kind enough to give me some help.

Could somebody please clarify the right setting that I should use for my WinUAE configuration under the chipset setting. I am trying to match the configuration to that of my Real Amiga 1200.

My Amiga 1200 (SYSInfo states):
Display: AGA LISA
CPU/MHz: 68030
FPU: 68881

It has also a Microbotics 1230XA with 64MB of memory on it.

Here is what I want to have:
1. WinUAE with configuration closest to the above specs.
2. I also want to install CWB FULL version.

I have so far created a CF drive with a setting as AGA and works on the real amiga.

However, I am not quite confident if it was done right.

Any suggestion is much appreciated.

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