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Originally Posted by Sascha View Post
a) Independent of what you choose in the "Chipset Extra" drop-down list, nothing changes in regards to what is selected with the radio buttons above. My first guess was that these two should correlate, i.e. once you select some specific preset it would select the appropriate radio button. But, I might be wrong about this, obviously.
The "Chipset-Extra" selects the motherboard, not the chipset. If you select A4000 for example, you get an IDE controller and ZorroIII, but you can still use OCS on this motherboard.

b) In that drop-down control there's an empty entry right above the entry called "Generic". Once I select that empty entry, the whole drop-down control becomes disabled (grayed-out) and I cannot select anything else any longer.
The Chipset-Extra basically is an easy way to select a consistent set of options from the the "Adv. Chipset" page. If you select the empty entry, the "compatible settings" mark is unchecked on the Adv.Chipset page. If you check "Compatible Settings" again, then "Chipset Extra" will be enabled, too. (But the rest of Adv. Chipset is grayed-out).

c) More a suggestion for improvement than a report: it would be nice of all those drop-down controls could be controlled by the cursor up/down keys once they have the focus.
I am quite sure that this ranges in the category of "GUI programming" and everybody should know how much Toni likes this category
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