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GUI : "Chipset Extra" drop-down control behavior

Ok, maybe something's fishy on my system or maybe I am simply missing some basic understanding on this, but I noticed a few oddities in regards to the "Chipset Extra" settings in the GUI (located under Settings/Hardware/Chipset). This behavior is present in the latest beta (2.7.1 public beta 11) but also seems to go back all the way to at least version 1.4.0 (haven't tried any earlier versions, though). It happens on a clean install, after starting WinUAE for the first time.

a) Independent of what you choose in the "Chipset Extra" drop-down list, nothing changes in regards to what is selected with the radio buttons above. My first guess was that these two should correlate, i.e. once you select some specific preset it would select the appropriate radio button. But, I might be wrong about this, obviously.

b) In that drop-down control there's an empty entry right above the entry called "Generic". Once I select that empty entry, the whole drop-down control becomes disabled (grayed-out) and I cannot select anything else any longer.

c) More a suggestion for improvement than a report: it would be nice of all those drop-down controls could be controlled by the cursor up/down keys once they have the focus.

Hope this is of some help. Aside from that, kudos and thanks to you, Toni, for developing and maintaining this great piece of software over all those years!


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