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Next ST game port : Oids

As the title says, i've just made another game port from the Atari ST.
It can be found here :

It was hard to find my way ; this one had TOS calls scattered everywhere and even GEM calls (trap #2), in addition to a very messy keyboard handling code, file i/o storing 16-bit handles where it should have not, and a fearsome protection scheme which i am not even sure to have fully removed.

But here it is. As i never played that one on the ST (and have no PC to run an emulator), it would be good if someone with a great knowledge of the game could test this version, to see if everything behaves as it should.

I'm not too confident with that one, many bugs are probably lurking in here, ready to explode in your face - so beware. Only thing i can say is that it seems to work for me.

I don't think i'll make any more game ports, at least for some time. I now prefer writing my own game from scratch.
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