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Here you go!

Originally Posted by earok View Post
Uploaded an "interim" release to here:


Since it's only interim not every game has correct screenshots, credits+instructions etc.

New games include:

Fifa International Soccer
Stunt Car Racer
Testament 2
Aunt Arctic Adventure
Woodys World
Dyna Blaster
Bonanza Bros
Blues Brothers
Batman Returns
Speed! Demo (Yep, works well Lentivector! I forgot to include instructions on the disk but use forward/reverse for jump and sprint, red for 3D and blue/green/yellow to set screen size)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Super Sprint
International Karate

Another world and Stunt Car Racer TNT is fixed. Bratwurst has been taken out.

Fifa doesn't appear to work on a real CD32, I'll see what I can do to get it working.

I was going to include Super Street Fighter 2 DX on the compilation but it would have required changing the ISOCD settings (which in turn would make the other games on the compilation slower). I had also incorrectly assumed that the version available for CD32 was not working, but it was only because I had misinterpreted the splash screen instructions (you have to hold down RED until the console reboots and the Capcom screen appears)
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