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Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
It isn't noticeable during normal WB usage, but it is when you run a SysSpeed module there are very noticeable slowdowns with CyberBugFix enabled. Strange...

When I enable it I get exactly the same amount of free chip ram, so I just turn it off. At the moment I have approx 1161K of chip @ 800x600x128
Seems better, Genetic Species now runs fine
If it were as you say, CWB would have a problem. A problem that I haven't seen.

Originally Posted by Amicol View Post
Update: I'll do a list of all the modules being used at the moment, when I get time, and post here. Maybe one of them is causing issues?
I'm a newbie, but people here will certainly help you with that.

I remember Novacoder had a nice S-S using BlizKick and patches posted somewhere for an Apollo 060.

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