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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Ah, ok. 800x600 and 128 colors with an Apollo is doable. You just need some patch to save ram. Dunno why you say CyberbugFix slows down your system, it shoudn't. CWB39 also uses it nicely. Why don't you install it?
Hi mate, I'm using CWB39. I just changed the icons to Ken's icons. (boing bags 1-4 installed in order)
It isn't noticeable during normal WB usage, but it is when you run a SysSpeed module there are very noticeable slowdowns with CyberBugFix enabled. Strange...

When I enable it I get exactly the same amount of free chip ram, so I just turn it off. At the moment I have approx 1161K of chip @ 800x600x128
Seems better, Genetic Species now runs fine

Update: I'll do a list of all the modules being used at the moment, when I get time, and post here. Maybe one of them is causing issues?

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