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DO OR DIE,x86 or ARM?

Hello Amiga friends,

I want your help to bring back Amiga on the right track and secure the future.
We desparately need new hardware wich is powerfull and cheap.
The current Hyperion and Amiga inc roads are dead end Streets.
We must reorganize and bring together all poeple who love Amiga,every last person,company and develper has to join and contribute in a joint effort.
We have to build a foundation just like rasperry PI.
There are two options port Amiga OS to x86 or ARM.
There are fantastic small and cheap ARM or x86 developer boards to choose from,these are also ver powerfull.
We have to take over power from Amiga Inc or they have to join the effort.
If we could manage to bring together every Amiga developer and company this port could be finished in record time,we have really no time to waste.
We have to make a poll and choose x86 or ARM.
Big names have to join this effort and make this a succes.
Otherwise we are doomed,let's bring back Amiga to the glory days.
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