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Yes, that is correct.
However I did load Deep Core without any problem like that, and that's certainly your dump, so maybe retry? The reason I asked you guys to check it is because it is supposed to be randomly crashing or something like that, and you need to play the game - but that's the very last thing I have time for... I tried both passwords for later levels from HOL, and they loaded fine as well.
Hmmm.... it has just occurred to me... could you post the CTR files generated?
I am always using the development version of DTC, so the output might be different... just want to make sure you use the same.

As for the source: it's the MAME licence, without any change apart from replacing product names, as discussed with the licence originator. We may or may not release the source code, but it's a possibility if there is some interest.
The last stable version is definitely this one, as it was written by me - it might have had some changes that had been reverted though.

I think you asked about sources for CT Raw, which is somewhat related. The source code for the entire CODEC will come with the source release of the new library, once it's stable - currently lots of updates go into it very frequently.

As for SPS:
You know all this was made possible by SPS and it was our decision to do so, right...?
I think this is a fantastic thing for everyone: SPS as well as contributors - please see below why.

So to just quote myself here's why - taken from my post on Atari forum.

To clarify the purpose:

CT Raw has been the format before KryoFlux that everyone used to submit dumps to CAPS/SPS, so it's like over 10,000 games dumped for various platforms, including ST/E. There is a large number of existing dumps in this format, and KryoFlux also supports creating/converting images to it natively.
The format is also very compact when you take into account that it contains 5 complete revolutions sampled for each track as well as bitcell timing data.
This has been achieved with a very heavy delta compression specifically designed for bitcell data that allows further compression using a traditional archiver like zip afterwards - those wouldn't work very well on the exact same data before the CT Raw processing.
So it's the perfect choice for supporting both old (before KryoFlux) and new (after KryoFlux) images at the same time, as a first choice, and there is more to come

Please note there are existing images that are duplicatess, modified or bad and there are others which require work in the toolchain in order to release as IPF - not to mention we've been quite busy with software development recently.
In any of these cases there is no IPF, but of course for example a game being modified does not stop you playing it, it's just not suitable for preservation itself.
To resolve this conflict, and let people play any game regardless of preservation status and most importantly instantly, we decided to make it possible to use every dump ever made with any of our tools or hardware in all emulators using the library while we'll keep the very strict criteria for IPFs - so we hope it's a good solution for everyone and every need now

In short:
- Use your dumps instantly while you submit them to SPS for preservation
- Many games are modified etc, and could not be used to create IPFs - but we understand that you'd still love to use the images anyway.
- There is a very huge number of games in CT Raw format as old dumps and all new KryoFlux dumps can be converted into this format in a few seconds as well.
- Have some fun 8)


ps: These are raw files, and come with no warranty due to their nature. So PLEASE do not bug any emulator author if they do not work. It can happen, as it is the nature of the beast - but they do tend to work

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