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Attached is new test version.

- Reverted SVN rev#9 commit, it is not compatible with AmigaDOS and can break some programs. ACTION_FINDOUTPUT must use exclusive lock.
- 1.3 compatibility fix, AddSemaphore() is unreliable under 1.x. Caused crash under 1.3 if more than one partition was mounted.
- Added special version for braindead boot ROMs (pfs3 handler with -custom extension). This version is not rommable. pbscsi.device (perhaps others) have really bad RDB filesystem loader, it only works with filesystems that have single hunk and no reloc entries! (=1.x FFS only) Special version has been "wrapped" inside custom relocator that "fixes" pbscsi.device's requirement of no reloc entries.

This will be uploaded to aminet if no problems found.

Thanks to McTrinsic for testing special version with Phoenix Board pbscsi.device.

Horrible details of pbscsi.device:

It loads first LSEG block, looks for 0x0003E9 (code hunk) long word, next long word is used to allocate memory for filesystem, load remaining LSEG blocks. Done. Other hunks are ignored, reloc entries are ignored..

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