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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Yes, CLITool will start your program as if it had been run from CLI. Use Icon Edit (it should be in your Tools drawer) and select Type -> Project before saving, then find the icon and edit it as I wrote in my first post.
I did try that but Icon Edit refuses to save the Icon if I set it to Project. If I copy another icon previously created as Project Type over to a Drawer with a Demo exe file and then try to rename the icon the same as the Demo exe it automatically converts it back to a Type Tool icon. So I can't create a Project Icon type for an exe file. Looking up the Workbench userguide online it say that executable files have Tool icon types and Project icon types are for files that read data?

I don't understand how I can create a Project Type icon for an exe file & therefore set the Default tool to CLITool. Sorry if I am being obtuse still but would really like to solve this.


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