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Originally Posted by ED-209 View Post
Normally I would have gone through the mantis site but couldn't find 'death trap' in the pulldown menu?
That's because no one has reported any problems with the patch so there's no Mantis entry for obvious reasons. If you want to report bugs go to the WHDLoad site, search for the game/demo in question (in this case it would be this link) and click on the name (i.e. mine in this case) right to "Author/Contact (use it to report problems with that install)" to create the bug report.

I've tried immediate blitter & blitter wait on/off, reducing fast ram, disabling fpu etc.. still the same!
Disabling fast ram won't change anything since the patch doesn't use fast ram, same for FPU and all blitter problems have been fixed! Did you use the IPF to install the game? Also, make sure JIT is disabled!
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