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Thanks chaps

I already installed all boing bags from 1 to 4 and am using a custom rom, plus modules loaded via RemApollo. Speed isn't an issue, works fast enough at 256 colours

Chipmem is the only issue, although it still hasn't crashed, yet....
I use the command IconsToFastmem which works fine for icons.
CyberBugFix doesn't make any difference, just slows the system down.

FBlit, FText etc are built into the Cosmos exec 45.25 or Graphics lib 42.8, can't remember which, I have both loaded

I'm sure I've read somewhere that a guy was using a higher resolution of 1024x768 with 256 colours and had over 1200k chipmem free. Charlie or something like that I think his user name was...
God knows how!
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