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Thanks Alex.
Although this is an Amiga board, I'd like to point out that ALL emulators using the ipf library to load files benefit from this change, e.g. Atari ST emulators as well - and rest assured, there are tons of existing CT Raw dumps for ST, and quite a few in KryoFlux stream format as well. Since they contain data as is, and don't rely on detecting the protection at all, they should work significantly better than STX.
For the best experience (to deal with some edge cases) the host emulator can use extra new functionality available in the new library - but this is not mandatory, as the library without further instructions from the host tries to make sure that the image works. Regardless, adding the enhanced functionality to emulators is work in progress, but most things should work as is right now.

Yes, Denis, of course - everything you, or anyone else has ever uploaded has been archived.
However I think there were a lot of things that you were only planning to upload, so those are all obviously lost

Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Me too, Barry (if possible), since my original DM doesn't load anymore .

EDIT: it boots, but it fails the protection check when saving.
See above; DM and CSB are the only games that have to be archived on a real Amiga using CT. This is due to the difference in PLL behavior, which will be updated, but I don't want to break the data recovery capability of DTC, which would be badly affected with the Amiga-style PLL.
So quite possibly it will be done in a different way somewhere else, not in DTC, somewhere where it can't wreak havoc... soon

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