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Many thanks for all of your replies. With these responses and the ones in the other thread I started on a similar subject here yesterday I'm starting to question whether what I am trying to do is unachievable. Namely to have a common Workbench environment where I can collect and launch my favourite Demos from several years without reconfiguring / rebooting each time I want to run each one. So I have a Drawer per release year for Demos (2013, 2012 etc) open that & have say my top 10-20 in there to click & run as icons. I want to use the Amikit WINUAE setup for this for recent years (say post 1997ish) but then also have A500 & A1200 WiNUAE configs for OCS/ECS adf based demos too.

Do you think that is do-able? Clearly the older A500/A1200 ADF configs are easy to do but would particularly appreciate your views on the Amikit-based option for collating & running more recent downloadable exe Demos in a single common WB environment ?

Thanks again

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