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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
Law put aside. We all have children by now. We do not plan to produce hardware that is made by children or will pollute the environment. These two things matter to us.

Yes, our retro hardware is full of lead, flame retardant bromides and other stuff. But it does not mean we have to continue like this.

We put our money where our mouth is. We pay for WEEE recycling. We have a WEEE registration and it feels good. Yes, it is more expensive. But if we do not start making such decisions, who will?

We recently started producing floppy cables in China and we asked them to certify that they do not work with children and that their components meet RoHS requirements.

If anyone here is looking for the cheapest product possible, made with child labour and by polluting the environment, the you are not the right backer for us and the Zeus68k is not the right product for you.

I am not saying we are perfect. But I can still watch myself in the mirror without being ashamed.

I will check whatever someone has to offer, but we stick to RoHS2 and the Zeus even being tested for CE compliance (EMF).
@Crasbe: There are several differences between lead soldering and unleaded soldering, mixing technologies on a board would be difficult to say the least. Go look up JEDEC Soldering Profiles / reflow curves.

@Mr. Vince: I appreciate the stance you have taken on this, responsible construction and as environmentally friendly as possible.
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