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After wasting far too long faffing (and failing) with the windows flasher, I tried stm32flash on debian. Worked first time.

Install build-essentials and git with apt-get. The get the stm32flash code from here:

Run 'make' to build the code, then run:

# ./stm32flash -w ~edd/CortexAmigaFloppyEmulator/Firmware/CortexAmigaFloppyEmulator_1.04a.hex /dev/ttyUSB0
stm32flash -

Using Parser : Intel HEX
Serial Config: 57600 8E1
Version      : 0x22
Option 1     : 0x00
Option 2     : 0x00
Device ID    : 0x0418 (Connectivity line)
- RAM        : 64KiB  (4096b reserved by bootloader)
- Flash      : 256KiB (sector size: 2x2048)
- Option RAM : 16b
- System RAM : 18KiB

Wrote address 0x0800f49c (100.00%) Done.

Resetting device... done.
This was using this device: which has the same pinout as:

red power, black ground, white RX into USB port, and green TX out of the USB port.
Dmesg snippet:

[  735.619220] usb 5-1: Product: USB-Serial Controller
[  735.619226] usb 5-1: Manufacturer: Prolific Technology Inc.
[  735.621300] pl2303 5-1:1.0: pl2303 converter detected
[  735.633356] usb 5-1: pl2303 converter now attached to ttyUSB0
Setup pictured here:


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