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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is bug in enforcer. Enforcer web page says about v37.72:

Source matches this behavior.

but for some reason latest enforcer download (37.73) tries to open 68040.library first (which causes mulib 68040.library to show that really annoying alert and then it fails library open = no harm done), then enforcer tries to open 68060.library which succeeds.
Nice to know. So a bug in the debugger

Well, it doesn't harm to have there just the one you use.

Edit: I haven't tried Turrican's zip, but I think that it would be nice an script that could run other demos clicking on it, it would reboot and then it could run them. Later the OS should run normally again (I talk about the s-s).
In my 1.0 update I am deleting (by now) a couple of demos that don't run from AmiKit Real (Leon and TheMorning Trip), surely because a lack of memory as I'm not using RTG. If I could make them work that way... I think it could be done with two scripts and an S-S, help is welcomed .

Edit: It doesn't seem it is a lack of memory, but the use of CyberbugFixAga that causes graphic corruption. If I could run them from booting (I've tried with Leon) they should run right.

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