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Originally Posted by crasbe View Post
You know, that the FPGA on the Zeus68k isn't a BGA one?

So your quote is quite useless if you ask me...

mr.vince: you know the german regulations and you probably know, that you can use lead in your products, unless you don't violate a certain limit.

The mayor problem is, that leaded and unleaded solder have different melting temperatures. When the leaded solder of the BGA FPGA is already molten, the unleaded solder doesn't even think about melting, so you won't get proper joints.
Nobody can take this risk in EU, and on many others places too... The customs may use this kind of kit to test the suspect hardware :

If positive : ->BIG ISSUE FOR YOU<-

All these parts cannot be used anymore and that's why these prices are so low...

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